All images used are Copyright and are original works by Margaret Hage

All images used are Copyright and are original works by Margaret Hage


My work develops from the stories that find their way into my life & my need to make sense of these stories through visual interpretations. As a result my work has evolved into a diversity of styles, techniques & applications in Textile Arts, Fine Arts & Mixed Media. Often it is not only the image which contains the story but also every piece of gathered material brought together to become the completed work.

I may Abstract my story or work in an Impressionist style. I use the media I feel supports my story, & I will readily use Oils to Watercolours, Charcoal & Pastels, Encaustic & Thread. Fabric & Handmade paper are often a factor in my work.   Along my journey of gathering stories, I have taken thousands photographs & digital images. Some are precious to me, captured moments to share by creating art prints or printed onto fabric which become part of the story within an art textile.

I am fascinated by details, shapes & patterns, & the texture found in  natural & built environment. It has always been that I am passionate about textiles, their creation and embellishment and cultural applications. Textiles more than anything in our life, are threads to our past that continue  into our future. They carry the stories of our ancestors, of my Grandmothers and give hope to the generations to follow. Every stitch I make is to me a visual word a mark I leave which may tell as story. Stitches are made in kindness and love and gives me hope

Landscape and  Australia, My Country, will always be an influence. 

Art is my passion in all its forms, it is the essence of my soul and the reason I want to work at creating art every day. 

Margaret Hage

Fine Art, Textile and Mixed Media  Artist

SA TAFE Certificate in Visual Arts, Textile and Painting Majors

SA TAFE  IV in Cultural and Environmental Tourism, International Tour Management, Tour Guiding. and Travel & Tourism. 

 Adult Education and Teaching Practice. 

Curtin University Bachelor of Fine Arts, Units in Drawing and Painting. 


SA TAFE Purchase

Riddoch Art Gallery Purchase 

Private Collections in USA, Canada and Australia. 


Wattle Range Council Annual Art Awards For Art Textiles 2015